Ideas for Assignment 4

As the school year is coming to its end, I am feeling burnt out and stressed and I assume it’s the same for other students. I was thinking of creating an event where students can come together to relieve their anguish, stress, hatred, and frustration.

Human Canvas

Have one or two group members wrapped in canvas. Supply water guns filled with paint. Let students fire at the Human Canvas. Other group members can be documenting and mediating the event. The finished product will have been produced by the OCAD U community while supplying them with a service to have some fun towards the end of the semester.


Posts to Lookbook

So I submitted my first “look” to I started off with the full image of the male anatomy with descriptions for the body parts. I altered the text to make it a satirical critique on our obsessions on the human body. You can check it out here: We’ll see how long this lasts. I for sure know it will be deleted but I’m curious to see how long it takes for moderators to notice it.

I have to wait 6 hours before the next upload.

I uploaded my second image last night. Link is here:

And here is my final post:

Surprisingly nothing has been taken down yet.

Ok, so my first two post are taken down – feb 13. 1:13pm

More images for A3

I’m trying to make various images that I can upload to I’ve created a second image. I’m trying to find clothes that can go on top of different anatomy drawings but surprisingly it’s hard.

outfit1 process1

Process for A3

I’m currently working on subtly altering the text on a human anatomy diagram from the book Human Anatomy: a visual history from the renaissance to the digital age. 

I plan on uploading different images to

Diagram 1

Upclose diagram for assignment 3? is used as a way for fashion inspiration. Anyone over the age of 13 can post pictures of themselves to share their personal style with the world. You take a picture of your outfit and you upload it to your profile. You can add a description of where you got your pieces of clothing. You gain exposure on the site through people liking your photos through Hype points which affects your Karma. The Karma system works as follow: average total number of hypes divided by the number of different looks. The higher your average, the better chance of people seeing you when you post a new look. Another key feature about is that you

After researching more into from other sites, I came across two blog posts that criticized the system and portrayal of people on the site. Abbe Diaz wrote on how new users will most likely will never see the day of light within this particular community. The system isn’t clear on the rules in terms of how many points you need in order to gain exposure. The fact that the site was an invite only system before will make the site inherently disadvantageous for those new comers.  Diaz attempted to break into the site but was never able to.

V from Grits and Glamour wrote on the lack of diversity on the site, or lets say, the lack of visibility of diversity on the site. I’m sure there are many different looking people on the site but since it’s moderated by the Karma system it makes it hard for anyone to be noticed. Also, the original intentions of the site was invite only meaning that there was a dictated ideal beauty from these people. It can be argued that the seniority on the site heavily influences what is being seen. V states, “The overwhelming majority of members in the Top and Leader sections are young, thin, white (Caucasian) women. Lots of hypes for lots of PYWTs—pretty, young, white, things.” If you go on the site for yourself, you’ll notice the trend.

I can’t help but think this would be a great social media site for a hack. What will I do, who knows? I’m still thinking about that.

Idea of Assignment 3

I think I want to do something that deals with hacking a crowdsourcing platform. I’m not sure exactly what yet but I really like this project called The Sheep Market by Aaron Koblin. He collected drawings of sheep for $0.02US from people who replied to his post on Amazon Mechanical Turk. He then turned the collection into an art piece where he had exhibitions around the world displaying other people’s work. You could also buy the drawing of various sheep at a higher cost than what people drew them for. 

Koblin used the Mechanical Turk to his advantage while exploiting the idea of that network. People do mindless task for so little money. I think it’s funny that he’s making money off of these drawings even though he didn’t draw them. This is a reflection of the fact that art is not about the technical abilities, but instead the idea behind the concept. 


I vaguely remember opening up a Twitter account when I went to school at Ryerson, which was 3 years ago. My username was @kerning_ur_mom. I officially deactivated that account today. I only opened that account to find out what Twitter was all about. I never tweeted anything.

I started a new account today and you can follow me @hidden_enigma.

After completing assignment 2, I decided that I would make my Twitter account a true representation of who I am. I would try not to censor what I would say, as you can tell by my first tweet. It wouldn’t be fun to have a Twitter account and not say what you really want to say.