Contextual Articles for Assignment 2

These articles talks about how people have degrees but have a hard time getting jobs in their fields. It often comes down to working in positions that are unrelated to their field of study and often times, people are over qualified for the position. Canadians have been conditioned to go off and get a degree thinking that it will better their chance at getting paid more or having job security, but in actuality this isn’t the case. If everyone has a degree, the value of that degree decreases. It becomes more competitive in the job market.

Money isn’t a deciding factor for me when it comes to receiving a degree as the second article would suggest. What’s disheartening is that people go to school and do not get to do what they love to do. They negotiate with themselves what is the best thing to do or give up working in their field. I think that having an education is still important because it can develop critical thinking skills and add richness to your life but when you can’t apply it to make a living out of it, that is where it becomes worrisome.



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