Idea of Assignment 3

I think I want to do something that deals with hacking a crowdsourcing platform. I’m not sure exactly what yet but I really like this project called The Sheep Market by Aaron Koblin. He collected drawings of sheep for $0.02US from people who replied to his post on Amazon Mechanical Turk. He then turned the collection into an art piece where he had exhibitions around the world displaying other people’s work. You could also buy the drawing of various sheep at a higher cost than what people drew them for. 

Koblin used the Mechanical Turk to his advantage while exploiting the idea of that network. People do mindless task for so little money. I think it’s funny that he’s making money off of these drawings even though he didn’t draw them. This is a reflection of the fact that art is not about the technical abilities, but instead the idea behind the concept. 


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