Assignment 1

It’s interesting that the questions posed in the first part of the assignment used the word networks instead of communities for some of the questions. I think the reason being is because a network is a system that we can be apart of but not necessarily be apart of the community that is within that network. The more you engage and contribute in that network then I think that’s where you become apart of that community. For instance, I am apart of the OCAD U network but I don’t consider myself to be apart of the OCAD U community. If I participated beyond than going to class then I would be apart of the community.

However I do think OCAD U is apart of my identity. Despite the fact that I don’t participate in the school activities, I do spend a lot of my time within the network. By the time I graduate, I would have spent three years of my life at the institution that developed who I am as a designer.

As for my partner in this assignment, he will be at OCAD U for only seven months as an international student from Brazil. He will definitely be apart of the network but I question whether it will be apart of his identity. I think it’s relative to the person and whether they think their time was worth spent at the institution. If he was able to make connections and develop as a person while being at OCAD U, then I think this particular network would be apart of his identity.

When it comes to online networks, people have the opportunity to omit information because there’s no doubt that you give up your right to privacy when you put yourself on the Internet. My online presence is minimal and inaccessible. What I do have online wouldn’t reflect my true identity except for my Instagram account. At first my photos were of environments that I was in but also images of my creative work. While I think my creative work is apart of who I am, it really doesn’t say much to other people other than that I am creative. I’ve slowly started to add in more personal photos such as images of myself, friends and family members. I think these photos humanizes the experience of Instagram and reflect more an identity that is relatable to other people.



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