Assignment 2

Here’s a link to a post that inspired this assignment and a link to a post about who our fictitious character could be.

Mission Statement As students that are about to graduate we start to think about what we are going to do about our career. We often hear the struggles of friends of how hard it is to get a job in their field. People go to school and get a degree, but that doesn’t equate to success. For this project, we would like to critique the current state of graduates using social networks in various forms Twitter and LinkedIn. Not only is this a reflection the current situation for recent graduates, but it is also an exploration into how personal you can be on social media without jeopardizing the opportunity of landing a job.

Who is Samuel Flint?


Our fictitious character is a 24 year old male who just finished his masters at University of Toronto for philosophy. He also went to U of T for his undergrad in English. He now faces the trouble of getting a job as he does freelance philosophy. He attempts to get jobs through Craigslist and sells his dignity while he’s at it.

You can follow him on Twitter @philo_hero and if you’re curious about his work history, check out his LinkedIn profile.

Craigslist Postings

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 11.01.26 AM

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 11.01.09 AM

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 11.01.20 AM

We actually received one response through our craigslist posting. It was for the essay writing. One person replied saying they needed an academic emergency in writing a Jewish History paper that was due in one day. The person who replied is a reflection on the education system and how it’s possible to get by without having the critical skills that are required to graduate or to succeed after graduation. Like the Maclean’s article, it talks about how students are graduating without the necessary critical thinking skills. It could be because of the way students cheat themselves through school and set themselves up for failure. Samuel Flint definitely doesn’t help with the vicious cycle by lending his essay writing skills to impressionable students.

In terms of our Twitter account, we managed to wrangle 6 followers in one week. Twitter was a fun platform to work with because it allowed us to spontaneously tweet whatever we wanted without any repercussions because it was a fictional character. We didn’t have to edit our selves as we probably would have if it was a personal account. The whole process of creating and being Samuel Flint was fun and I might just continue keeping this character alive.


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