Assignment 4

Towards the end of the winter semester I find myself and other students feeling like we are exhausted, frustrated, stressed, and sleep deprived. The initial concept of our event, AAARRRGGG!!!!! A Therapy Session was to supply an event where students can just have fun and not have to worry about final projects and Grad X. While we had grand ideas for activities, such as paint throwing and paper burning, we reduced our event to a piñata fiesta.

zoe and pinata

As a professional student, I’ve made my way around to different educational institutions. OCAD U is my fourth school that I’ve attended and I find we are the least communal school even though we are very small in size. This could also be a bias on my part because I didn’t attend OCAD U from first year. Other universities have sports teams or mascots or even a really strong brand that students can attach themselves too. With OCAD U, we recently changed our name in 2010 to signify that we are a university and with that, we changed our branding. Also, we have no sports team and we can all figure out why we don’t have a sports team.


What we do have is the iconic table top structure that was built in 2004. Designed by Will Alsop, the Sharp Centre for Design is what outsiders see OCAD U as and what students have to deal with. While AAARRRGGG!!!!! was about having fun, it was also a critique on tradition and the representation of OCAD U. Each start of the school year there are O-Days to situate new comers and at the end of the year there is Grad X for graduating students. There seems to be a disconnect of events and activities for the whole OCAD U community. This was an opportunity for anyone and everyone to participate.

 Evelynne interviewing students and posting it to Vine


Upon the process of organizing and making the piñata, we actually found that it was really fun making a piñata in the shape of the Sharp Centre. I know that I would like to continue this event for next year. In fact, I would like to try to make it a tradition for OCAD U. It would be really great if it could turn into a competition where students reimagine the Sharp Centre as a piñata. But really, that would just be a strategy to get as many piñatas made so people can bash them. If this turned into a tradition, then I would feel like that I’ve managed to contribute to the OCAD U community.


zoe kicking

Here are Vine posts of us interviewing different participants:

Vine 1

Vine 2

Vine 3


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