Retrospect Idea for A2

Seeing the presentations, I was thinking I would have wanted to explore the idea of social media dictating who you are. So for instance, people who get sponsors and they live their life accordingly to the products they receive, the events that they are invited for.

I remember during the summer there was an event for a concert and if you wanted to get in, you just had to Tweet about it. Also, I know of someone who do get free things from different companies because of the online presence they have.

I would like to see a fictional character be exploited by companies through social media. It would have been nice to measure the success by seeing how many events or products this person could have gotten. What’s even more appealing is the relationship of this character to the physical world. These companies don’t know me but they would expect me to use their products or go to their events in return for exposure.



Ideas for Seminar

The latest social network I’ve joined is Vine. Feel free to add me. My user name is HiddenEnigma. 

This social network currently only exists on your iOS device. The app comes from Twitter and has the same philosophy but in video format. You are able to take a six second video by holding down on the screen. The timing will always be linear but you can make it look non-sequential by not having your hand on the screen for the whole duration of the six seconds. Vine is not the first video sharing app out there but it’ll probably gain more traction than ones that are already out there since it’s linked to Twitter.

Another app that takes the concept of ephemerality to the next level is snapchat. This is a photo sharing app but what’s different from this from lets say Instagram is that once you send a person a photo, and once they view it, that photo will disappear. As a sender, you can dictate how long the person can view the photo from 1 to 10 seconds long. Of course, if you end up sending an embarrassing photo, make sure to set it to one second so the the other person doesn’t have time to do a screenshot. 

Well, I just thought that these types of apps are starting to pop up.


Contextual Articles for Assignment 2

These articles talks about how people have degrees but have a hard time getting jobs in their fields. It often comes down to working in positions that are unrelated to their field of study and often times, people are over qualified for the position. Canadians have been conditioned to go off and get a degree thinking that it will better their chance at getting paid more or having job security, but in actuality this isn’t the case. If everyone has a degree, the value of that degree decreases. It becomes more competitive in the job market.

Money isn’t a deciding factor for me when it comes to receiving a degree as the second article would suggest. What’s disheartening is that people go to school and do not get to do what they love to do. They negotiate with themselves what is the best thing to do or give up working in their field. I think that having an education is still important because it can develop critical thinking skills and add richness to your life but when you can’t apply it to make a living out of it, that is where it becomes worrisome.



I really enjoy Hennessy Youngman who is a fictional character created by Jayson Musson. He creates videos about art related topics. He critiques art through satire and it’s very entertaining.


First Post



A video that I am currently in love with.

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